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Since 1981

TarHeel has been servicing and repairing roofs for almost 40 years. Our depth of experience allows us to apply our knowledge and expertise to provide a solution for every roof leak.

Many roofs that leak can be saved and do not need to be replaced. Many roofs can be repaired and rehabilitated to provide years of additional service.

Here at TarHeel we have a fully dedicated service department and staff that are devoted strictly to service and maintenance.  

Our service technicians are assigned to the service department full time and as a result are fully experienced and trained in the repair and maintenance of all roof systems.

Our service department is up to date with the latest technology, having Thermal/Infra-red equipment, moisture survey/testers and other technology driven equipment available to our service teams to track down hard to find roof leaks.


Hurricane damage

Once an active leak is repaired, many of our clients opt to participate in our roof maintenance program, TarHeel RoofWatch. 

This program provides for a proactive approach to managing your roof asset, extending the life of your roof while eliminating and minimizing roof leaks.

It is inexpensive (pennies per square foot per year) and provides exceptional ROI (return on investment).

The RoofWatch program provides other benefits as well, including expedited service calls, enrollment in our Disaster Response Program and reduced service rates.

Please contact us to learn more about our Roofing Repair Services and our RoofWatch Maintenance Programs.

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