Lightning Protection Systems

Are You Protected?

Lighting Protection Systems are designed to direct the damaging power of lightning along a specific and safe path to ground; the system does not attract a lightning strike.

Last year, the Lightning Protection Institute estimated over $1 billion in losses due to lightning strikes in the United States.

The State of Florida has the highest stroke density as indicated by VAISALA and the state records the most lightning deaths and damages each and every year. The Florida Building Code now requires that all hospitals, educational facilities and nursing facilities must have a lightning protection system installed on the structure.

The costs associated with the installation of a Lightning Protection System vary due to the structure size, building height, building materials and geographical location. The Lighting Protection Institute estimates that these systems run less than 1% of the value of the structure.  


Lightning Strike

Vaisala Stroke Density Map

Not only does the installation of a Lightning Protection System protect your structure from lightning strike; but you may also be applicable for a discount or credit on your insurance, check with your insurance provider to see if the system meets their “security protection for external perimeter” guidelines.

TarHeel Corporation installs Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) on structures across all of the United States and is capable of providing certifications from both Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) upon completion.

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Typical Mid-Rise Lightning Protection System

Typical Low-Rise Lightning Protection System