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Don Cesar
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Don Cesar

Fourteen different roofing and waterproofing systems were utilized in over twenty-one different areas. The renovation also included stucco, planter box waterproofing, landscaping, canopy installation, plaza deck systems, ADA compliance, reframing entire roof sections and a multitude of amenity replacements.
Project Cost $1,500,000
Main Entrance Ramp Planter Boxes
Before photograph of planter
box, north side.
Trees and foliage are removed.
Emptied planter box before preparation. Much of the concrete required repair.
The area is clean, damaged concrete repaired and the substrate primed. Next, stress flashings are installed.
Base coat of waterproofing
system is installed.
Finish coat of waterproofing system is installed.
Completed planter box,
north side.
Completed planter box, east end. Completed planter box, southwest side.
Terrace Decks
Original roof system with
“cushion deck” walkway system.
Original roof system and access ramp once the cushion deck was removed.
Application of the Kemper fluid applied terrace deck waterproofing system.
New access ramp is framed (formed) before pouring new concrete.
Synthetic stucco surfacing was installed between the new metal kick flashings and coping block.
Pedestal paver system in progress.
South Fifth floor terrace
deck, west end.
North Fifth floor terrace deck, west end.
Overview photo of the completed North terrace deck with new canopy system.
Tile Reroofing
Overview photograph of the existing tile roof system on the North tower.
In progress roof removal of
the seven story penthouse.
There was extensive termite and water damage throughout the entire facility.
New G-90 Steel framing was
installed to the bell towers.
New pressure treated plywood was installed over the new steel framing.
New stucco is installed to the bell tower.
Pressure treated lumber was
used for all cap and pan stringers.
New tile are installed to the south Sixth floor penthouse. Aerial photograph of tile roof installation.
Set Up Area & Traffic Control
The main thru fare is closed and traffic redirected. A police officer and special permitting was required by the city.
Materials are hoisted to the roof by crane.
Barricades were installed for the safety of pedestrians.

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Steel framing is erected and attached to the substrate. Sprayed polyurethane foam is used to seal the new penetrations, keeping the existing structure watertight during construction. Overview of new steel framing, west side Overview of new steel framing, south side Overview of new steel framing, north side Overview of new steel framing, east side