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The Construction Chain of Command
Who's in Charge Anyway?
We at TarHeel understand that problems sometimes happen. When situations occur, the customer often wonders who they should speak to and how to resolve issues. TarHeel has simplified this process by giving you detailed information about each department.
The Project Management Team
The TarHeel Team responsible for roof construction consists of three departments within our organization. Essentially, our Technical Services Department provides Pre-contract services to the customer. Once construction has begun, our Production Department takes over and is the primary point of contact for the customer. Finally, if you were to experience a problem after construction has been completed; our Service Department provides post construction services. Below is an overview of each department and their primary areas of responsibility.

JeffTechnical Services:
The primary function of this department is pre-contract services.

Contract Administration:
Is responsible for the “paper flow” before and during construction. This includes permitting, contracts, draw requests and other construction documents

Project Managers/Account Managers:
Project managers are responsible for the initial estimate, scope of work and contract documents. They also provide the production department with technical and administrative support during construction.

Production Department: Bill
The primary function of this department is post contract. They actually oversee and perform the construction work.

Has the overall responsibility for the successful completion of the project and is responsible for several ongoing projects at a time and visits each job site periodically. Is the primary conduit between our technical department, onsite foreman and the customer.

Project Coordinator:
Provides administrative and coordinating support for the superintendent.

This position provides continuous onsite supervision during construction. This position directs all onsite personnel, ensures adherence to specifications and provides quality control functions. The onsite foreman acts as the main point of contact for the customer and can generally solve most client and project issues.

Service Department:
The focus and responsibility of this department is post construction.

Emergency leak repair:
During construction, all leak calls should be directed to the superintendent (Production Department). See the Project Administration section of this manual for emergency contact numbers.

Warranty Claims:
Provides leak repair services post construction. If you experience a problem after the roof is completed, call our Service Department for immediate response.

Technical Services Department

TarHeel Roofing believes the key to a successful roof installation is to provide our production crews with a detailed, accurate field take off, precise cost estimating and thorough project planning. When the proper tools are provided to an efficient, well-trained field crew, quality and competitiveness are the results.

Our process starts with our Technical Services Department. The function of this team is to provide our Production crews with the necessary technical and planning tools so they may focus on the installation process. When a crew has a solid, well thought out plan, they are not distracted by non-installation functions and their time is spent focusing on a top quality installation.

BobAccount Manager:
The Account Manager supervises and provides complete oversight of the customer’s roof assets. This includes understanding their objectives and goals and structuring a roof solution to meets those expectations. This position also provides cost estimating, value engineering, roof surveys, budgeting and long term roof asset management services. The Account Manager performs additional job in-progress support and acts as the liaison between the customer and our operational departments. An Account Manager is permanently assigned to each customer, maintaining continuity of service for their entire portfolio.

Project Manager:Rob
A Project manager provides the technical support for the construction team and is involved in the project from start to finish. This includes estimating, blue print take-off, design and value engineering, troubleshooting all the way through to the project closeout documents. The project manager has full knowledge of all specifications and details of the project. A field technician aids the project managers in performing field take-offs, core samples and measuring functions.

BillContract Administrator:
The function of this position is to provide administrative support to ensure accurate and timely submission of bids, submittals, contract documents and other “paper flow” requirements before, during and after completion of the project. An assistant contract administrator aids this position.

Production Department

GaryThe function of our Production Department is the installation of efficient, top quality roof systems. We are mindful that day-to-day operations are occurring inside the building and attempt to minimize disruption during the construction process. Owners and tenants often commend our crews for their respectful and courteous attitudes while performing a difficult job.

The Production Department works hand-in-hand with the Technical Services Department. Together, a detailed construction plan is devised, and all issues resolved before any construction is started. Our superintendents are regarded as some of the best in the business.Johnny

Each superintendent is responsible for a specialty division within the production department. These responsibilities include overseeing construction, personnel and equipment. They are actively involved in the planning and coordination of operations and are the conduit between field operations and technical services.

TarHeel assigns a full time job foreman to each project. The foreman works on only one project at a time and remains on the job from start to finish. Responsibilities include direct oversight of the crew during the installation process, quality control and adherence to specifications.

Senior Project Coordinator:
This position is responsible for ensuring that a coordinated effort occurs to ensure a smooth and successful operation. Duties include coordinating the various disciplines that interact on a project such as preparation crews, sheet metal crews and production crews. Responsibilities also includeShep purchasing and delivery of materials, scheduling of cranes and heavy equipment and coordination of our roll off dumpster system.

Warehouse Foreman:
This position is responsible for in-house facility operations overseeing plant and equipment maintenance, inventory and provides organizational and logistic support.

Service Department

The service department at TarHeel Roofing provides reactive repair services (leak calls), maintenance and service agreements, customized pro-active roof programs and warranty claim services. This department is fully radio dispatched, utilizes specialty software for coordination, tracking, scheduling and invoicing and can provide annual reporting, consolidating service work performed at multiple facilities.

VirgilService Manager:
This position is responsible for overseeing operations of the entire department including all repair crews, equipment and the service fleet. Duties also include oversight of our RoofSmart maintenance program, Rapid Response Repair program and client relations.

Service Coordinator:
The Service Coordinator is responsible for Allisonplanning, scheduling and communicating with the customer. Making sure that service technicians are on time and meeting our commitments is the primary function of this position.

Assistant Service Coordinator:
This position works as administrative support, keeping customers informed of scheduling and ensuring that invoicing is timely and accurate.

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